Our goals and mission

We are focused on creating both desktop and mobile applications for your marine business. Whether you are Shipowner, Charterer, Ship Agent, Ship Supplier, Cargo Forwarder or Seaport Staff, order our All-in-One or any of separate MARINE MODULES & make your activity smarter, faster, cheaper and easier

Even if you're looking for something special, get in touch with us. Let us know your ideas for new applications and we will work them out & offer them to marine world in partnership with you

These website-based applications are worked out specially for you by combination of MARINE MODULES according to your preferences, including:

  • Website's unique design
  • Secure data storage
  • Customers' access levels
  • Optimized search engine
  • Lifetime maintenance & support

Join our global project & become a part of widest marine community by introducing your business to the whole world. Once joined us, get in your disposal:

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited email reports
  • Easy-to-find ships & cargoes
  • Easy-to-find agents & suppliers
  • Unified documents' format

Our Staff

We are a team of professionals comprising all fields of Marine Affairs


George Murvanidze
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George heads Analytic, Law & Promouting sectors. His scope allows us be permanently up-to-date & follow developments of maritime regulations


Vasil Murvanidze
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Vasil handles Application Department. He is also responsible for data security, optimizing of databases & individual web-design solutions


Yusuf Duran
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Being skilled & profound specialist in chartering and brokerage fields, Yusuf is responsible for forming of business tasks & goals for our applications


Jaba Tarimanashvili
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As an acting director of Trans Logistic Co., Jaba's duties come to a guidance of Active Proformas & Smart Ship Supply modules & integrations


Due to own framework engine, we can offer ultimately low prices to our customers

Our partnership strategies allow our clients to earn money and work at the same time. Just join our List of Developers and start your e-business with our team

We also translate our module interfaces to any language in accordance with your wishes

What we mean by:


This means that you Website's design will use one of the numerous pre-composed templates created by our company


This means that you Website's design will be fully individual and composed only for you with no after-sale to other customers


Get any of our Freight Rate Evaluator, Proforma D/A, Ship Supply, Ship Data Storage, Email, Timesheet & SOF or Blog Module


Looking for something different? Get in touch with us & compose own Module under your licence & right to sell

This pack enables you to create following e-services for your company:

  • Website with Standard Design
  • Any 2 of our Standard Modules
  • Who's-Online & Statistic Module
  • SEO & Lifetime Support

This pack enables you to create following e-services for your company:

  • Website with Unique Design
  • Any 3 of our Standard Modules
  • Who's-Online & Statistic Module
  • SEO & Lifetime Support

This pack enables you to create following e-services for your company:

  • Website with Unique Design
  • ALL of our Standard Modules + Unique Module(s)
  • Who's-Online & Statistic Module
  • SEO & Lifetime Support

Marine Modules

We are ready to make a module from your idea. Just share idea with us. The module will be created and your name used as a part of title. You will also get a fixed fee from any sold module. Make money on your MARINE IDEAS!

See main features of some of our MARINE MODULES below:

Shipping Agency:

  • Own Proforma D/A
  • Online Statement of Facts
  • Computable Agence Fees
  • Test prototype here

Shipping Broker:

  • Unlimited storage for ships
  • Unlimited storage for cargoes
  • E-Ship's Particulars
  • E-Q88 for tankers
  • Confidential list of partners
  • Live chat with customers
  • Unlimited daily emails
  • Auto-calculated timesheets

Ship Supply:

  • Unlimited Online Catalogues
  • E-generated pricelists
  • E-stock system
  • Test prototype here

Timesheets & SOF:

  • Daily Ships' Posisions
  • Integrated ship's e-log
  • Time entries control system
  • Unlimited SOF sharing
  • Test prototype here

Coming soon!

Our team is working on Global Projects such as Batumi Sea Port. Please contact us for further details

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